M.S. MARKETING was established in 1989 by Mohamed Shahabudin Bin Abdul Salam with a vision of filling a gap in the market for a full service and consultancy, offering all aspects of engineering products and services for the industrial sector.

M.S. MARKETING gained full Sendirian Berhad on August 2000 with a 100% Bumiputra status together with a paid up capital of One Million Ringgit Malaysia .

In the same year, M.S. MARKETING Sdn. Bhd. was appointed as a local agent by a leading lighting manufacturer from Saudi Arabia . M.S. MARKETING Sdn. Bhd. was awarded with a project to supply high mast lights for the North South Highway .

M.S. MARKETING Sdn. Bhd. expanded under their skill base through knowledge transfer helping SME companies become self-sustainable and begun venturing into various sectors primarily energy. M.S. MARKETING Sdn. Bhd. secured an agency partnership with a Swiss firm PCT to supply Gas Turbine parts and refurbishing services to Tenaga Nasional Berhad. To mark M.S.MARKETING Sdn. Bhd.'s success, in the year 2000, M.S. MARKETING Sdn. Bhd. was appointed to represent Wood Group Heavy Industrial Turbine Ltd of Dundee , Scotland . Wood Group Heavy Industrial Turbine Ltd is one of the world leaders in gas turbine hot gas path components repair and refurbishments.

Wood Group Heavy Industrial Turbine Ltd has offices in all continents with annual revenue of USD 3.5 billion. M.S. MARKETING Sdn. Bhd. is also representing their Switzerland office Advanced Parts Manufacture AG, Switzerland where they manufacture hot gas components.

AUTO-MOTOR-TECHNIK (AMT) appointed M.S.MARKETING Sdn. Bhd. as their Malaysian counterpart in 1990, specializing in European machinery parts.

Arcus Absorbents Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of absorbents and environmental safety products serving industrial and environmental companies worldwide. Arcus Absorbents Inc has appointed M.S. MARKETING Sdn. Bhd. to be their sole representative in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Presently, M.S. MARKETING Sdn. Bhd. is actively involved in marketing Arcus Absorbents Inc. products initiating environmental awareness.

M.S. MARKETING Sdn. Bhd. believes in commitments to clients with business excellences, which are essential to success and to meet the ever challenging world of business.

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